For Injured Workers

When considering a Structured Settlement, an injured worker should be aware of the following:

  • A Structured Settlement is a form of income tax-free compensation designed to protect one’s financial interests for life.
  • With a Structured Settlement (also called a Structured Annuity Settlement), settlement funds are converted into future payments that remain income tax-free.
  • A Structured Settlement Consultant is a special type of insurance agent who consults with attorneys for both the Defendant (employer) and the Applicant (employee).
  • Your attorney is entitled to consult with a Structured Settlement professional.
  • Structured Settlement Consultant services are free to you and your attorney.


Did you know you can receive a lump sum of cash as a component of your Structured Settlement? This cash can provide funds to meet your immediate needs while the annuity will provide the security of future income tax-free payments for personal and medical needs as they arise.